What Is Boulani Elizabeth?

Growing up my mom worked all the time. My grandmother was my second mom. She would pick me up from school, made sure I stayed out of trouble, and got my work done. 

When she passed away - I knew in my heart she was still there. In a different form. Still watching over me. Still guiding me. Still making sure that I was doing the right thing.

That is where Boulani comes from. "Bou" means village, and "Lani" is heaven. Boulani is the village in heaven where my grandmother resides today and is still watching over me.

She's not the only one. When people pass on - they don't die. They transcend the Earth experience. Everyone has a village in heaven they go to so they can stay connected with the people that they love the most. That's what they call a soul family.

Wear Boulani merch with pride and know your loved one is always with you, watching over you, and still connected.